About Us

JOHNSON JASSON AND ASSOCIATES ADVOCATES is law firm registered as a partnership under the Registrar of Companies. The firm was established on 2nd February, 2002 by three lawyers namely; JOHNSON JASSON, RAJABU MRINDOKO and CLEOPHACE MANYANGU.
In its desire to save clients in Tanzania and East Africa, Johnson Jasson & Associates, Advocates is established in Tanzania as East African Law Firm. The firm's tradition has inspired three working values: 
1.Responsiveness to clients' needs, 
2.Working hard to achieve effective results and
To support our clients, the firm's practice encompasses all major areas of law. 
Energetic practitioner 
The firm's practice encompasses all major areas of business and commercial law in East Africa, with national and international Corporations.
JJAA combines legal expertise across a broad range of disciplines with the firm's substantial local knowledge enabling it to provide an in-depth understanding of client's immigration needs and commercial priorities. So far the Firm has acted for major international immigration law firms and organisations by handlimg their cases in Tanzania and accross the region.